What Training Service is

Technical Training Programs In India

Management System Implementation as per ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 17025 & ISO/IEC 15189.

Best Technical Training Programs In India

Technical Training on Measurement of Uncertainty Calculations in Laboratory.

Technical Training Programs In Indore, India

On-site training on all types of testing of transformers, cables and other switchgear equipment.

Electrical Hazard and Safety Management

Condition Assessment, Diagnostic measurement and Residual life assessment of Power Transformer, Current Transformer & Bushings, Power Cables, EHV, HV, MV CBs,

Basics of SFRA

Partial discharge (PD) measurement and Diagnostic of transformers, motors, generators and cables.

Safety & Performance Evaluation of Cables & Accessories.

Validation of Numerical Relays.

Learning solutions for the “NEW NORMAL”.